About Us

DocEnomics is the brainchild of Rocco Ungaro, a medical office and medical billing software specialist who has dedicated his life to aiding medical practices in their quest for better health. For years, Mr. Ungaro found himself watching smaller medical offices flounder under the shadows of large hospital groups who were receiving access to advanced medical software, were given a say on how they practiced medicine and were provided with a bounty of discounts and benefits, merely because of their size and power.

After spending a great deal of his effort trying to help his clientele, Rocco Ungaro decided it was time for things to change. He thought that the only way for independent offices to thrive in this new healthcare environment was to join together to gain the same expertise, advocacy and benefits with their own power in numbers.

Through DocEnomics, medical professionals can join together to gain the knowledge, benefits and voice usually only offered to large medical groups. By joining DocEnomics, physicians and practices can do this without losing their identity or freedom as a smaller practice, which may have been jeopardized if they joined a large hospital group.

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