Few other professions can truly identify with the overwhelming burdens of the continuing education and compliance requisites of the practicing healthcare provider.

Is there enough energy remaining for strategic planning in your business? Can you carry out plans that are long overdue?
DocEnomics understands that providers need meaningful support to formulate and execute a game plan to remain relevant in this adverse environment. However, transcending relevance for our clients is our mission.


A healthcare group embraces a modern and refreshing delivery model to earn serious financial backers.

One Medical goes national without the typical support of a major hospital institution to get both Silicon Valley & Wall Street support...
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Just mention the word telemedicine to a traditional healthcare provider and you can at least expect a look of bewilderment, or worse. So many existential questions are being presented to large scale institutions as well from this controversial subject.

However, some companies are well underway with positioning themselves to capitalize on the disruption potential at hand...
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Keep an eye out for these buzzworthy 30 young healthcare professionals and entrepreneurs that are making their mark according to Forbes.

They represent just a small sample of the growing tide of young Americans that see opportunity where so many others see despair...
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